GRASE Research Group  
Research Projects

Jennifer Bevan
GuoZheng Ge
Dorrit Gordon
Sung Kim
Kai Pan
Elias Sinderson
Mark Slater
Dr. Jim Whitehead

GRASE is the Group Researching Advances in Software Engineering at UC Santa Cruz.

Our current research projects are:

Instability Visualization and Analysis (IVA)
Long evolving software projects need to proactively restructure code to avoid problems associated with degrading structure. IVA uses static depedence analysis techniques operating over the revision history of a project to identify and classify software instabilities, regions of dependent code that frequently change together. Engineers can use this information to analyze and prioritize code restructuring efforts.
Kenyon: A Common Software Stratigraphy Platform
Software evolution research frequently involves a computationally expensive step where source code is retrieved from an SCM repository and statically analyzed. Kenyon abstracts this functional step into a reusable and shareable platform that provides automated SCM extraction and fact extractor execution. Results are stored in a Hibernate-backed SQL database, which allows researchers to reuse the Kenyon data models easily. We anticipate that using Kenyon will decrease the necessary start-up time to do software evolution research, and will also improve the ability of researchers to share their results.
This project seeks to improve our understanding of Software Configuration Management (SCM) systems. Our domain analysis effort has a goal of characterizing the design spaces and tradeoffs inherent in SCM systems. Our code generation work uses containment modeling to represent SCM system data models, and then automatically generate repositories that match those models.
A WebDAV, DASL and DeltaV module that works with Apache and the mod_dav module to provide a database-backed WebDAV/DASL/DeltaV server. It is the first open source implementation of the DASL and DeltaV protocols.